Villa Management

"We do more than just keep your properties professionally maintained. From booking processes to effective marketing, LXV Retreats guarantee to deliver superior service and reliability." 

Partnering with LXV Retreats

LXV Retreats offers an extensive list of property management services and supervision in operations such as client pick-ups to villa maintenance. We take our marketing initiatives at top level to ensure high occupancy and revenue. Our service packages range from responsible booking operations, effective marketing initiatives, staff management and/or villa maintenance arrangements, down to comprehensive accounting. 

If you don’t have the time to manage your own rental property, contact us if you need a professional to focus on the day-to-day operations to help your property reach its full potential.


Property Identity

Our initial move is to prepare the property by providing suggestions to meet customer expectations. We will focus on the property’s brand and image, supervision of the overall physical condition and design of the villa, staff’s uniform and training, dynamic rate strategy, and other essential responsibilities to reach the most luxurious quality of your property.


Staff Management

For your guests to experience a high-quality stay at your property, a thorough training and supervision of each staff must be implemented.

From warmly welcoming each guest down to catering their concerns and requests, our professionally trained staff will make sure to exert twice the effort in meeting and exceeding expectations.


Property Maintenance

To effectively provide excellent service and comfort to each guest, we ensure that every corner of your property is well-maintained and constantly improved. Our service includes daily handling and monitoring of each asset, housework and domestic repairs, maintenance of swimming pools and gardens, improvement of the property’s physical state, and constant improvement of each facility. We will also manage the staff salary and necessary billing administration including telephone and internet bills, electricity, and water supply.


LXV Distribution

Classic Channels

Our marketing and promotional initiatives will make use of existing global channels. We will communicate information about your property to worldwide industry-specific partners, villa and travel agents, client databases, and groups who will greatly benefit from your services.


LXV Group Channels and Partners

As your exclusive property manager, we will feature your property on all of our LXV websites and online channels provided with the creation of packages and experiences.


Events and Experiences 

We will be creating a pool of thematic packages which will feature your property that we will propose via our travel agency. Our activities could go from a diving week, a holistic retreat, down to any type of exclusive event celebrations.


LXV Concierge

LXV Group is a registered travel agency. For 5 years, we have been constantly organizing successful luxury trips on private islands, exclusive yacht cruising around the Philippines, and a wide array of unique and memorable events. We also have our own fleet of luxury cars which provide private transfers from Manila.

Our experience and professionalism allow us to provide beneficial and useful services such as private transfers, hiring of private chefs, itinerary and daily activities around the property, and more. 


Monthly Reports 

Rest assured that you will receive monthly detailed accounting reports of your property from the revenue down to the expenses.

LXV Property Management implements its expertise and a number of appropriate strategies to always maintain your villa in its best condition and rate. No harm will come in the way of your ROI, occupancy rate, income received and profit. Our keyword? Transparency.


Property Management Fees 

Sole Marketing Services: Marketing and Rental 

In the case that you are already equipped with sufficient property staffing, LXV will solely provide you with effective marketing and smooth booking service.

LXV does not charge a monthly fee for Sole Marketing services. Our fee is 10% taken from each villa booking transaction.


Operations Service Only: Staffing and Maintenance

LXV’s fee for exclusive management service (only if the service does not include marketing and booking services) is between US$ 1,000 to US$ 3,000 per month depending on the property's location and the size of the property. Maintenance expenses will be paid monthly by the property's owner.

Complete details and records will be organized on the LXV monthly report.


Full Property Management: Staffing, Maintenance, Marketing, and Rental 

LXV does not charge a monthly fee for Full Management services. Our fee is 15% taken from each villa booking transaction. All expenses (staff, F&B, electricity, maintenance, etc.) will be paid by the property's owner monthly and shall be recorded on the LXV monthly report.



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